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Hey Product Hunters! Great to see our Customer Feedback Portal on here. I’m the co-founder of ProdPad (a tool for managing your roadmap and backlog), where we noticed that existing customer feedback tools weren’t cutting it for product managers and their teams. Product people aren’t comfortable with voting systems and public forums - it sucks to have your dirty laundry aired and it sucks to feel pressured into building certain features because it’s been voted up. Feedback is obviously super helpful for making product decisions, but you’re not running a democracy here. ;) So our tool lets you can capture general user feedback - but the real draw is that you can open up a handful of ideas from your product backlog and collect specific feedback on those ideas too. It’s a customer feedback tool the way product managers want it. :) Happy to answer all your questions as they come in!
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Greaat! Already have it running and it is becoming invaluable.
@mediadude Great to hear, Steve!
Looks nice. Do I insert code in to a webpage on my site for this or do you host it?
@major_grooves Thanks! It gives you a standalone link (that we host) you can send customers to directly, plus a snippet of code you can install on your homepage and inside your app to gather feedback right on the page.
Hm. Not bad actually. Plus, you can select positive feedback for testimonials, and settled qualms as examples of your service when things go wrong. Nice! @prodpad @bfgmartin
@elizabethhunker @bfgmartin Yeah, that's a really good use of it! *scribbles down notes for self*
Interesting concept. I do like the fact that it allows direct feedback without revealing what others voted for. Looks like it could be challenging to handle lots of duplicate suggestions and, more challenging, feedback with multiple ideas in it that need to be broken apart. Thoughts on what happens after data starts coming in?
@johnpeltier Thanks for your support! Once feedback is submitted, it goes into an admin area that's built to handle all of the feedback snippets from your customers. The feedback can be linked to ideas in various ways - sometimes you'll have a bunch of customers asking for the same sort of thing, so they are linked to the idea which then ranks highly for 'Customer Desire' in the admin area; and sometimes one customer might be asking for a number of different things. You can view feedback as a list, grouped by customer, or look at the resulting ideas and where they sit in the pipeline. The ideas can then be fleshed out into more detailed specs, such as giving them Impact and Effort scores, tagging them and linking them to User Personas, and providing a business case to outline exactly what problem you're solving for your customers.
@simplybastow Reminder to self: feedback & ideas are separate. Need coffee :)
@johnpeltier Good call, making one myself! ☕ Yep, you've got it: Feedback is what your customers are asking for (a feature they're requesting, or a problem they are asking to solve), while ideas are the resulting features/specs that are meant to improve the product and solve their problems.