Custom Events by FullStory

Your Segment, Tealium, or other events + FullStory magic

Layer FullStory's digital experience data over your Segment, Tealium, or instrumented events with FullStory Custom Events to create an unfathomably powerful product insight engine.
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Hi “Hunters”, Subu here from FullStory. Though we launched Custom Events a couple of months ago, we’re excited to discuss it with the Product Hunt community now that we have some time with it out in the wild! FullStory automatically indexes all of the digital interactions on your site, creating a searchable and segmentable database you can query to find out things like, “how many users have visited our checkout page on an iOS device from California?” But many of us have interactions in our products that represent more than just any ol’ button click (perhaps that specific button changes a customer’s status to “unsubscribed”!) or just another page visit; we have events we care about—things like “order completed” or “subscribed” that are of special importance to our business, with really helpful metadata like cart value or plan tier. That’s why we created Custom Events: there’s power in taking your pre-instrumented events from products like Segment or Tealium, passing them into FullStory with a full set of properties, and then having the full range of FullStory magic available for your analysis! Now for example, you can search for how many users completed an order with a cart value >$50 or signed up for your Professional plan. We’re already seeing this feature yield great results for customers like TrueCar and Yotpo. Give it a try and let us know what you think! We’re also happy to answer any questions here.
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