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One small thingg: Anchor is in a similar space but have been referencing their audio sounds as waves.... now you are also calling them waves. Perhaps it would be best to call them something else as not to muddy the lines.
@bentossell Can I just say when Anchor first launched on here I laughed so hard. The fact that they were audio based, water themed, and called their audio clips "waves" amazed me. I'll definitely look into it, but I'd hate to lose the term as it's a fun thing that is very much spread throughout the app.
@darren_terpstra why did you laugh? and why did that amaze you? seems that is similar to what has happened here with currently
@bentossell Just a "what are the chances" moment. I've been working on this for 2 years (give or take) when Anchor came out, for clarification. It's not like I whipped this up last month :P
@bentossell perhaps the app could send users "Currents", as in What's Current? That's the thing with project ideas ay? It's usually not how long we've been thinking about doing something; but more how quickly are people actually doing that same thing. It's another nice idea. However, Anchor has already established itself and I find it nearly impossible for Currently to surf that wave now (pun intended). :)
Currently allows you to speak into your phone for up to a minute, recording a funny story or life update. It then sends that audio clip (called a wave) to those you allow to follow you. This means that you can listen to your friends' stories like a playlist, all in their own voices. Like having a mini podcast of your friends' lives. You get to choose whether you make your wave (audio clip) public, or private. You can even share it to your Facebook or Twitter profile with the click of a button. Also, you can save a friend's wave to your phone in case you want to listen to it later. You can also reply back to a friend (only they receive it) reminiscing about the good ol' days. The app is free and I really hope you'll enjoy sharing short audio stories with your friends. So please, download the app today and let us know what you think :)
Anyone else listen to the LifeAfter podcast? This doesn't end well...😉
@akrasiac I haven't listened, can you tell me what happens? :) (or you can send it to me over twitter if you don't want spoilers on here) I'm intrigued :)
@darren_terpstra In the story there's a similar audio based social network. The protagonist's wife died recently and so he consoles himself by listening to the recordings of her voice posts, but then he starts hearing her voice talking back to him... In any event, this is a really interesting idea for a social network and I hope it takes off. Voice is so much more powerful than text.
@akrasiac Thank you!!! goodness I got references all day about that :P And also THANK YOU! I'm such a proponent of voice, but there are some that don't see the draw and can't understand it :P Appreciate you Jay!
Is there any major difference between this and Anchor?
@johnrmeese Glad you asked John. After looking into Anchor (when it launched on PH), it is very different. Anchor is going after the podcasting market. It allows people to jump into conversations, input their thoughts into a stream of thoughts, etc. It's more like a micro-podcast where people can jump in. Currently is going after the social network angle. It's about getting your real life stories to friends, rather than going after a theme/topic. More like an audio snapchat or audio twitter. It may not seem like a big difference, but if you look at how it's laid out (stream is private, ocean is public) as well as the sharing, replying, etc. You'll see pretty quickly that we're quite different from Anchor, and I'm sure the differences will continue to grow as both products grow :)
As I was scrolling the "Ocean" I got huge pieces of ad offering games and stuff, some as long as 28 seconds and without the possibility to turn them off. Deleting this in 3.. 2.. I like the idea, but I hate ads too much. Best of luck with the project though.
@san_picciarelli yeah, sorry about that, we are turning down the frequency of ads. However, the ad revenue is being used to support The Exodus Road, an anti-human trafficking organization. So we don't feel we should get rid of them altogether. Thanks for checking us out!