The new standard for a consumer 3D printer.

Cubibot is a small, clean, simple, stylish & cloud base 3D printer with a heated bed that brings fun and education to your life.

  • Timothy Moore
    Timothy MooreElectronics enthusist

    None. All other printers do what they do. The Mini up 2 is the same thing and is out now to the public


    very aggressive towards customers. Steal your money.

    I would normally not contact anyone about this but cubibot has offended me personally. They stole my money and have refused me as a customer.

    It all started I asked for an update on there kickstarter asking them to update because they said they would every month and they hadn't. They were already over 6 months overdue so I kind of expect at least good customer interaction but instead without any message they just refunded my money from kickstarter and won't respond to me at all. I ordered extra spool on kickstarter during conformation which was a kickstarter reward. They did not refund that money.

    I tried contacting them but all they did was block my email and block me on every social media site. Very unprofessional. If you could ask them what they plan to do to rectify this situation I would be most grateful but until then, I will never buy one of there products ever again just based upon this act of just random hostility towards a single customer. That means there must be others like me who have been treated the same. I would not recommend endorsing them.

    Timothy Moore has used this product for one month.
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    They stole my money


    Don't trust them!

    TheyLast 1 year iI am waiting my printer they promise for February 2018 still no shipping, when I try to contact them anybody answer my question, they just stole my money on kickstarter!!!

    Emre Koyuncu has never used this product.
The logo looks like a mix of the Obama logo, and the Sunrise for iOS icon.
Always caution with Kickstarters lots of projects don't ship. This is their first Kickstarter, so do your homework.