The new standard for a consumer 3D printer.

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Cubibot is a small, clean, simple, stylish & cloud base 3D printer with a heated bed that brings fun and education to your life.


  • Ish BaidI build things

    -Looks like one of the first 3D printers that could be applicable for every day household use cases



    Talked to these guys at TechCrunch

    Ish Baid has used this product for one day.
  • Nick WarnerVP, Digital Marketing - Eturi

    Affordable, self-leveling bed, heated bed, smart notifications, and high temperature nozzle.


    Compatible Android & iOS apps are in development.

    I've always been interested in 3D printing as a new hobby. From the Kickstarter this seems like a "pro" level printer that I can afford. Backed!

    Nick Warner has never used this product.


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Marshall@hypecraft · Independent Human
The logo looks like a mix of the Obama logo, and the Sunrise for iOS icon.
Veer Obhan@turboxide_ · High School Computer Science Student
@hypecraft RIP Sunrise
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Always caution with Kickstarters lots of projects don't ship. This is their first Kickstarter, so do your homework.