Cube.js Templates

An easy way to build analytics dashboards and applications

Cube.js templates are open-source, ready-to-use frontend analytics apps. Pick your favorite framework, charting library, and UI kit—the template will wire it all together and configure it to work with the Cube.js backend.
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As someone who's dealt with all sorts of dashboards on both sides of the table, I'm excited to play more with this. Clean, easy to read company analytics are essential to getting everyone on the same page -- from investors to employees. Hope they crack the nut here!
@pollock Thanks for hunting us, Tristan!
That's the ticket!
I came across this amazing solution few months ago and it caught the attention in first look only. It is adding really strong BI capabilities in our platform, it has improved a lot from the day we started using it. It is working well with MongoDB Atlas cluster over BI connectors.
@krunalsabnis Hey Krunal! Thanks for feedback and all of the contributions!
This is amazing. its magically performing analytics on our data sources.
@rizvanhaider Hey Rizwan! Thanks for a great feedback!
@pollock 👋Nice to see you here, Tristan :) We've been using Cube JS at Ardoq, and it's very powerful! A missing piece for us to adopt it quicker across the organization has been UI components, so the timing of this release is perfect! We're currently in the midst of integrating a Cube JS client in our back-office application and I'm excited to try out these templates.
@antonabilov Hey Anton! Thanks for feedback! Great to hear that we've nailed the timing for you!
@antonabilov the pleasure is all mine!