An ad blocker for iOS 9. Browser faster, stop wasting bits.

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Any chance you put an "amount of your life not wasted waiting for ads" meter in the app? It'd be interesting to know.
Jonathan Richman
Jonathan Richman@jonmrich · GM, Roadtrippers
I just started using this today and it made me realize how terribly slow some sites had become due to ads loading.
Özgür Celebi
Özgür Celebi@tristancelebi · iOS Developer
Get your money back before it is to late. He announced that, he will allow certain ads to go throw. With the help of Eyeo ;) ...
Leslie Purchase
Leslie Purchase@lputhenp · Co Founder Ourdata
@tristancelebi Check out Ourdata launched on PH today. We want to give users the choice to block ads or unblock and get paid or support their charity of choice.
Matt Berger
Matt Berger@bymattberger · I make things.
So far, enjoying the faster browsing speeds! Noticeable for sure.
Franky Aguilar
Franky Aguilar@deleted-41279 · We out here 👽 Los Angeles
What are the next chess moves to Apple owning the Ad industry?