Hire blockchain developers, pay them in crypto

Cryptohire gives ICO-backed startups access to the decentralized pool of blockchain engineering talent. You can't find these devs on UpWork, Blockgeeks or other portals, because they're full-time employed at top European dev shops. Cryptohire makes it possible to hire them on a long-term basis and pay them in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or your own token.

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Hi everyone! We at YouTeam are excited to announce a new way for blockchain startups to find top blockchain engineers: Cryptohire. With the boom in startup ICOs, there has been an increased demand for developers to help get things off the ground. However, that demand is being throttled by a limited supply of talent, especially when you consider that blockchain technology is in its infancy. When we founded YouTeam, it was based on the opportunity to help remove the barrier that comes with hiring a remote software engineer. We built Cryptohire with the same goal: how can we enable companies create great products by connecting them with reliable, trustworthy blockchain engineers and agencies, in a matter of minutes instead of weeks? Cryptohire helps startups overcome the issue of finding skilled, experienced blockchain engineers, backed by the same vetting process and quality guarantee that we offer with YouTeam. And if you hadn’t guessed by now, all engineers can be paid in cryptocurrencies :) Look forward to hearing your feedback! Anton
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I mean, how much hotter can you get as a startup in 2018?
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Seems really cool. I see, here in NYC, everyone is looking for engineers with blockchain experience. Great space to be in. Possible to be paid in old-fashioned dollars?
@codecamcode Hi Cam! Thanks for your feedback! Absolutely - after you do the search you can find the currency switcher at the top of each page, just click on the $ sign :)

Very good idea




don't know

Would use it


easy to use, secured, transparent


need to take into account the fluctuations of coins