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Hi, I'm the PM on Analytics for Apps at Facebook and we're pretty stoked by our release earlier this week. We want our users to be able to understand their customer's complete journey and we think cross-platform support is going to be a huge boost. This builds on our deep demographics, powerful analytics tooling and push notification campaigns (to name a few) - all free of charge. Would love PH's feedback!
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@molmorg Looks neat. Is there / will there be React Native SDK support? As this is a Facebook product, I presume you may have plans for first class support for React Native.
@bilalbudhani @molmorg excellent work. I love the simplicity and cleanness of the Design. Great work
@molmorg Excited for this - I know this isn't the place for help, but not getting ahead at the last step of Push campaigns with a cryptic "unexpected error, please try again later" message-- where can we get some more guidance on this? Thank you for any help!
Can you give us an example implementation to better understand this? For context: we have a mobile recipe app called FitMenCook and a recipe site fitmencook.com - we've already got the pixel tracker on our app landing page & inside our app. From my understanding I could now correlate the user on the website and the user in the app (if they have Facebook).
@andreaskam Hi Andreas, absolutely. You just need to create an Event Source Group and connect the app and pixel. Check out the docs here: https://developers.facebook.com/...
@andreaskam so you're the people behind that app. Love it!
Sounds great! Looking forward to test it.
@artem_borodatyuk Awesome, let us know how you get on and if you have any feedback.
Correct me if I'm wrong but would this be like Google Analytics by Facebook, mostly for ecommerce?
@walkerlucas Hi Lucas, it serves a few similar use cases to Google Analytics but also adds Cross-Platform support, free Push Campaigns, Deep demographics and audience insights and data is available in your reports minutes after the event. It's certainly not just for e-commerce either, we have all kinds of apps using the product from Games, Dating, Music and Travel to Utilities. Check out some of the customers using the platform here: https://analytics.facebook.com/c...
Very Interesting. Does it work with Segment & GTM ?
@vrungta Yes, segment have an AppEvents integration and the web script should work great with GTM.
Thanks @molmorg Awesome ! Will give it a spin !!
@vrungta Great, let us know how you get on!