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Crello is a free graphic design editor that helps create images for social media, print and other web based graphics. It contains 30 different formats and 10,000 free and ready-to-use templates for creating graphics.

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  • Crystal Ortiz
    Crystal OrtizProductivity Juice is My Diet

    Beautiful templates, gorgeous interface, great starting point - I can see myself using this permanently after more product maturation.


    Noticing that Crello is going to experience the same growing pains that similar apps experienced concerning UI and WYSIWYG editors.

    So a quick browse of Crello got me intrigued to sign up and I did right away and got down to business.

    In short: please do not see this as a scathing review. I actually quite like the interface and it's very promising. I want it to succeed so I will mention as quickly as possible the very small things that add up to a decision between your product and another one that's out there.

    So, these are the issues that need to be rectified before many working pros can use it for focused, continuous work:

    1. Undo/Redo. I should not have to deselect all my objects before I can undo an action. No regular image editing software acts like this, and your new users will come with the expectations that the microinteractions will be the same.

    2. Moving text with the keyboard arrows is not possible. Why?

    3. Similarly, Shift + Arrows in any direction to make an object jump by multiple pixels doesn't work - another thing that users are accustomed to. It really slows down my progress and creates unnecessary busywork (and way more undo history steps than is necessary)

    4. Sliders as the only available font controls also really slow down working with fonts. Allowing text input helps me get to 32 pt font quicker. It also matters that I have to scroll through the entire list of google fonts to find the fonts that I want to use - not being able to type in the name of the font and have it autocomplete for me is another thing that slows one down way more than you can realize until it's actually happening.

    5. Rotation - shift or ctrl + rotation doesn't give me snapping to predictable angles. I even was motivated to try because one of your templates had text rotated 90 degrees. When rotating it, the angles turned into a number between 1 and 360 degrees, where it was skipping angle #360 and going straight between 1 and 359. Took me a few tries to turn it into 360 degrees... and when I did... it was crooked by about 2 degrees.

    6. Colour picking - I don't really understand what 'special colors' are for, and I'm still looking for help on that. I love that selecting one of your main colours gives me a group of tonal shifts below it, but if I choose a custom colour I'm gonna have to decide that choosing a different colour for the same object makes that custom colour lost to me until I manually type it in again.

    When Canva first came out, it had all these issues, and now, most of them are rectified. While it appears that your business model is quite definitely inspired by them, I know you will succeed if you don't too closely follow in their footsteps (and missteps).

    I'll be keeping my account so I can create some more images and observe Crello's growth. Loving the style quite a lot. Looking forward to using it!

  • Eugine Dychko
    Eugine DychkoMarketing manager Depositphotos

    Really easy to use, lots of free templates


    Would be great to include presentation templates

    Useful tool with free templates and images, need I say more?)

  • Pros: 

    Simple for non-designers to use. The "inspiration" section is very helpful for those of us with little to no graphic design experience.


    Would be more versatile if more standard fonts were included (ex. Arial).

    Using Crello has allowed me to create simple, modern-looking graphics for internal communication projects without needing to bother our (always very busy) graphic designers. It has been a great productivity booster!

  • russjohns
    russjohnsFounder, Creative & Entrepreneur

    Easy to use interface and access to a lot of design resources. Looking good so far


    I'm guessing a team version and animation will be on the roadmap?

    I like the clean UI and the tools seem very responsive. The templates, fonts and designs all seem to be worthy of epic designs. The design model is right out of the Canva playbook with reports of more images and resources made available to the user.

    I love the ability to create on the fly and excited to see more tools like this arrive to help all of us become more productive.

  • Pros: 

    Great looking template. Seem very easy to use.


    Some small minor issues *might be user error though*

    Seems like there are already plenty of such tools on the market so it might be hard to find your space but I love the quality of the free template and designs.

  • Emma
    EmmaMarketing Manager @ Plytix

    Tons of templates that are easy to edit and personalize, even the icons are editable


    Limited format types

    They have limited formats (no presentations for example), but I imagine it is just a matter of time before they add those. I also can't find any information about pricing (yet).

  • Ankita Garg
    Ankita GargCo-founder, Enthrll Labs

    Ease of use for basic designs


    Limited animated design

    I love using it for my marketing material. It is easy and quick to use for basic designs. I love it! Thanks for the awesome product.

    BTW I would like a better workflow to save the times it is confusing and I end up overriding my previous design instead of modifying a copy of it.

    Ankita Garg has used this product for one month.
  • Krishna De
    Krishna DeSocial business & live video strategist

    If you are looking for high quality free images to use in your designs then you will not be disappointed with Crello


    One of the features you find with tools such as Adobe Spark Post and Canva is the option to resize images quickly and is not uet available

    I have taken Crello for a thorough test drive and was impressed by the quality of free stock images that you can find to use in your designs - and if you make a purchase of an image you can use it an unlimited amount of times in your designs.

    Crello does have a strong similarity in design to Canva (I have been a beta user of Canva and use their paid solution) but there are sufficient differences that mean it is a tool I will be recommeding so you can create distinctve content - it's often easy today to identify which app was used to create social media and visual content.

    I have written a review of the app and identified features that would be great to see in place to help speed up design workflows which you can read here

  • Maria Hoffmeister
    Maria HoffmeisterCreator @

    Animations! Very easy to use, and loads of great templates and options for customising. Did I mention animations? Like Canva on wheels. :)


    I love it as-is, but would welcome a greater variety of animations for smaller elements or icons, not just backgrounds and templates.

    Brilliant! Just came across it...and within 2 minutes I found exactly what I was looking for to make a cover page. 10 minutes later (and only because I kept playing with variations) the design was on my computer. :)

    Maria Hoffmeister has used this product for one day.
  • Tatiana Vilgan
    Tatiana VilganMarketing, Crypto Exchange Ranks

    It’s a fun experience and you get visuals too!


    No mobile version, I mean - COME ON.

    I love that once you log in, it feels like a little party. You got templates here and there and the inspiration section below which I rarely use but I like that it’s there.

    Tatiana Vilgan has used this product for one year.
  • Will Hawkins
    Will HawkinsFreelance content marketer

    It's easy to use and learn. Crello has a big selection of photos and objects to use. Once you've bought photo etc you can reuse them.


    It could do with a section for storing your brand elements, but that's not essential. More sharing options are coming soon'

    I'm a regular user of Canvas (several times a week so I don't have to ask our designers for small stuff) and it has been brilliant. I was sceptical that Crello could match Canva for ease of use and simplicity.

    But, I am impressed with it. It's very easy to use, has a wide range of images and 'objects' to buy. Even though you pay for images (only $0.99 each), you can reuse them for free, unlike the purchased images in Canva.

    Overall, I believe it's a strong alternative to Canva. The only thing holding me back from swapping over entirely to Crello is that I have lots of designs on Canva which I still use as templates or for which I need to reuse in different sizes. But, I will start using Crello regularly.

  • Pros: 



    Terrible quality, snuck watermark in after purchase, wouldn't remove

    Terrible quality of downloaded graphic. Refused to remove a snuck in water mark and told me if I wanted it removed I would have to remove it and purchase it again. Avoid Crello at ALL costs.

    michelle stephen has used this product for one week.
  • Lesa Boone
    Lesa BooneLuv 4 Leggings with Lesa

    Easy to use, a lot of free templates and really nice graphics


    Would be nice to have more interactive templates

    Very useful tool that I keep on hand all the time. I like expressing myself with my different moods and what I'm trying to convey and Crello helps me do that. Overall, very good product.

    Lesa Boone has used this product for one month.
  • Marina  Gnatyuk
    Marina GnatyukContent Creator

    modern design, user-friendly interface


    didn't find

    I enjoy working with this tool every time I need to create a presentation for my business. Very quick and easy-to-use. Many thanks to Crello developers team for such a helpful software solution.

    Marina Gnatyuk has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 



    cheap, imperfect, stolen UI

    stunningly cheeky approach: steal years or work from renowned company, re-label it and lure customers on "free" model ...till you will start to charge them on monthly basis soon or later. Design quality is low, functionality equals your programming skills, etc..pathetic. Hope that rest of the world won't adopt this "UA mindset".

  • Pros: 

    It's pretty slick. As a canva heavy and paid user, I love crello and would definitely use it.


    I didn't see a way to add multiple designs in one page like you do in canva. This is a huge drawback expect I missed it

    I made a video to show you what I mean. Here you go.

  • Aadil Ayub
    Aadil AyubI love edtech, music, and gamification.

    Easy to use, free,


    has limited selection of templates

    Why would one use this over Canva? Seems to be the same interface and functionality, but with less features?

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan BrownWeb & Mobile Growth Consultant

    Great tool to give to hands-on clients. Easy onboarding with little to no learning curve. Instant access to a decently large image library.


    Not as much control over designs as, say, Canva. There's a level of design requirements that this tool simply won't meet, which is fine.

    Good to see more tools like this showing up.

  • Ira Smirnova
    Ira SmirnovaCustomer Success Manager at Tilda

    It's easy, free and supports cyrillic :)


    Actually, I don't find them yet

    Good luck, guys!

    Ira Smirnova has used this product for one month.
  • Kristina Zagorulko
    Kristina ZagorulkoPR at StopAd, app explorer

    simple, great UI, cool templates


    waiting for more templates

    I love Crello! I use it every day for making pics for social