Crafter: AR Build Battle

Craft awesome things in AR and make your friends guess it!

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Craft awesome things with cubes in AR and make your friends guess it!

+ Try our totally new building experience using the AR technology

+ Challenge your friends and people around the worlds.

+ More than 1000 words to express your creativity.

+ Send your crafts to your friends and (try to) guess what your they’ve built for you

Ali Karagoz
Jean Patry
Hugo Brac
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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @maximeschwab & @jeremie_taboada, Tell us more about what you've built. What was your inspiration?
Jérémie Taboada
Jérémie TaboadaMaker@jeremie_taboada · Software Engineer @ GoPro
@maximeschwab @jacqvon Since we were kids we always expressed our creativity by buildings things. We loved making stuffs with legos then we’ve spend hours playing Minecraft. We wanted to use Augmented Reality to create a more intuitive and fun building experience. Crafter is also a social game which means that you can share and discover creations from your friends and people all around the world, and challenge your creativity even more! If you want to see some creations made with crafter, checkout our Instagram
Oleksandr Senyuk
Oleksandr Senyuk@oleksandr_senyuk · Co-founder, KeyReel
Is this a point-scoring game, or more of an activity?