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Map of most & least expensive states for digital advertising

CPC Map lets you identify the most promising regions and keywords for digital advertising. We analyzed over 2 million search queries in 17 verticals to help you distribute your local budgets effectively and get the most out of every dollar spent.

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Hi Product Hunt! We’re excited to introduce CPC Map, our new SEMrush tool for advertising specialists. It helps to quickly evaluate the cost of doing PPC in a certain state or region. What’s inside? - CPC & search volume data. You can now quickly evaluate the average cost of advertising in your state. - 17 verticals. Most popular niches - from Banks and Insurance to Sport and Beauty. - 10+ countries. Data available for the US, UK, India, Australia, Canada and South Africa & several non-English-speaking countries. - 2M+ keywords. We have analyzed up to 70k keywords for every niche to provide you with reliable data. Happy to answer any questions!
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@ole_julia I found that "car insurance quotation" has a cost per click of $286.05 in Arizona.
@ole_julia Here are my TOP 10 results from the most expensive to the less expensive: Mississippi - USA purchase auto insurance online $623.4 South Australia - AUSTRALIA internet advertising $549.58 Queensland - AUSTRALIA get life insurance $551.15 New south wales - AUSTRALIA life insurance providers $443.37 Virginia - USA online advertising websites $420.03 South Carolina - USA online u $364.48 Ohio - USA local online advertising $357.13 Arkansas - USA it online colleges $374.3 Nebraska - USA onlineuniversity $352.97 New York - USA online courses for education degree $317.46 I was not able to look into these countries since it was not working: Austria France Germany Spain Let me know if I have found the most expensive ones!
@marco_diversi wow Marco, you literally left no chance for others to compete! $623.4 is in fact the most expensive keyword we have among the 2 million keywords analyzed in the tool. Congratulations, we have the winner :)
@ole_julia NICEEE!! thanks
@ole_julia I think the tool's scope is perfect. You don't need to drill down the city level. The state level is fine. I say that because you've done a great deal of work so far. Let us handle the rest.

You should try it


Cool Tool


I love it

I thought "it online colleges" in Arkansas was tops at $374.37, but looks like Marco found some higher.

SEMrush as a company exceeds expectations and proudly offers quick, detailed and sharable customer server (yes shareable!) but with each new tool, they know exactly what theit customers want and need. I know it sounds like I work for SEMR, but I don't, I promise! LOL


Save time and money by knowing what industry to focus on, statewide or nationwide for both your own company and your clientele.


No city data yet, but hopefully metropolis or regional data is coming soon! Hmm? :D

Who needs caffeine when you have this hyper-focused seo data tool to comb through whenever you want?