Introducing Covfefe.

Edit any of your old tweets by clicking Edit.

🚨 Note: You will lose any favorites and retweets if you replace it with your edit! 🚨

Covfefe also delays your tweets for 15 seconds allowing you to undo and edit them before they're seen.

To get started, connect your Twitter account by clicking Covfefe in your toolbar.

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Like it and might use it, but my upvote is solely for the name. πŸ˜‚
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πŸ‘‹ Hi PH! An edit button, finally! It's fantastic, really, it's quite amazing. A lot of people are telling me it's a pretty huge deal. So last Friday, @pugson and a few of us chatting over at thought delaying and undoing a tweet would be a nice compromise to the issue of not being able to edit them. Something like Gmail's undo send would be great. It got me thinking. I got to work. Ridiculousness ensued. Covfefe was born. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions! I also wrote about how I built it Covfefe for the curious makers.

This is a brilliant idea and an almost perfect implementation. I was in love with it until... I replied someone. Instead of keeping the thread, the extension makes a completely new tweet, just like I've @'d someone with no context. It also breaks RTs, replacing it with the "old-style" RT's.

Fix this and it would be perfect. I really liked the idea, i know it's kinda tricky work around those "problems", but, for now, it's a no-no for me.


Tweet editing works like a charm


Completely breaks replies, threads and RT's

Thanks for the kind words @joselitojunior1! πŸ™Œ Just pushed an update with your suggestions. :) v0.18: ⏲ Increase pending tweet timer to 15 seconds πŸ–Ό Show preview of pending tweets now πŸ“š Properly returns an edited tweet from a thread to that thread
Cool concept, I really like this! It doesn't really "edit" the tweets, it actually deletes them and replaces them. Also doesn't handle replies well, only tags the person you were replying to.
@w Thanks for the tip! πŸ‘Œ Will see about fixing the reply issue. Edit: Just pushed an update that fixes this. πŸ‘
Smart πŸ‘