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An endless news feed of COVID-19 stories from reputable, local publications in over a hundred countries, all translated to English.
We show you how the world is dealing with the virus.
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Me and Tobias have been digital nomading and found ourselves in Thailand since the beginning of the outbreak. The first case outside of China was reported here. Since then, we've noticed major discrepancies in how the situation is being handled in different countries. We wanted to make it easier to get visibility on this and to address our own curiosity - not every country makes it to the top of mainstream news sources.
Made some improvements today: - Cleaned up the table sort - Some styling fixes - Displaying how many articles we have in total and how many we've translated But most interesting, upvoting of articles on a country level. Needs some styling to be clearer...
@ytspar Congrats on the site. Would be great if I could get email digest or alerts of new articles in the countries I am interested in.
@kellykampen Cheers! Second such request for an email digest. I'll set up a newsletter signup to start.
Very cool. Good work fellas. Will be checking it regularly!