Decorate screenshots with text, drawings, arrows, icons and emoji.

Screenshot back to clipboard to use elsewhere, like Email, Trello, Slack or Whatsapp.

I use it for:

- Visual tutorials

- Bug reports

- Design mockups

It supplements my keyboard shortcuts clipboard-based image workflow and saves me time every day! 🤓

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1 Review5.0/5
This thing looks really cool! The rectangle tool did not work for me for some reason. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it just doesn't draw like I'd expect it to in other graphical editors such as MS Paint. The default font doesn't go well with the cursor, parts of letters get under and even in front of the cursor. Also an option to switch fonts to maybe a regular Sans font or other handwriting fonts would be awesome. Also it would be nice to have a button or a keystroke to hide the drawing elements and the copying area (for a clean screenshot) and a little help screen (it took me a second to figure out what is meant by "right-click > copy image"). And something prettier and less intrusive than a browser's native alert to confirm clearing the canvas would be a good addition. And, of course, a way to send feedback. Perhaps an email address on the bottom of the page. Overall, a really useful thing! I can definitely remember occasions where this tool could have saved me a thousand words. Keep up the great work!
@leva7 Thanks for the great suggestions!
@leva7 Just published an update: now you can choose different common fonts!
@bramchi Looks good. Still not able to draw rectangles though :/
@leva7 That is not good, you can't have enough rectangles in your life :-D Can you send an email to contact @ copypastedesign . com with maybe a screenshot or a video of what is happening and details about your browser? That would be awesome.
Good job !! 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks, glad you like it!
I am not able to paste an image to canvas :(. But your tool look good!
@denizvatan Oh, that's a shame. What browser are you using?
@bramchi Google Chrome Version 63.0.3239.132.
@denizvatan A.k.a the latest and greatest. Are you sure there is an image on your clipboard before you try and paste it? Maybe it helps to click on the canvas first to focus and then try to paste?
Hi, @bramchi. I am able to paste now. Thanks!
I've been adding features and improvements steadily, let me know what you think!
Last week we added auto-save and skip-intro features for registered users. Go check it out :-)