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What is UI-licious?
UIlicious is a low-code tool for automating UI testing for your websites across browsers. Automate tests within minutes with UIlicious with our online testing tool. Ensure that your users have a consistent and flawless experience on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

UI-licious tech stack

We're aware of 9 technologies that UI-licious is built with. UI-licious utilizes products like Hotjar, Stripe in their tech stack

Recent launches

UIlicious TAMI 1.0
Tired of spending hours manually testing your website? It's never been easier to automate testing with UIlicious TAMI. TAMI is an AI assistant that helps you write automated scripts for testing your web application! Try TAMI for free at https://snippet.uilicious.com!
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UI-licious for Teams
UIlicious is a low-code tool for automating tests for your e-commerce websites and SaaS web applications with UI-licious. In this newest update, annotate test reports to highlight issues and discuss what's wrong. No more pointing and gesturing at screens!
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