A portable, multifunctional air conditioner ☃️

Coolingstyle is a compact and portable, go-anywhere, multifunctional air conditioner with 3 cooling effects and other useful functions.

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This GIF though.
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How long will it take to charge? How long is the battery life?
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Cool idea (pun intended), although this thing looks like it was designed in the 90s, which, I'm not totally mad at.
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Good idea but 1700BTU is going to have almost zero effect.
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@highaced 100% correct. This is way too small to cool anything down, including a travel trailer. The AC in ours is over 13,000 BTU, which is just about enough.
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With the heatwave we're currently enduring this seems almost too good to be true. I wonder how much energy it consumes 🤔
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