GDPR compliant cookie banners

Cooki is a super-simple, free banner notification app that logs consent from your visitors and disables cookies when they don't.

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Hiten Shah
Hiten ShahHunterPro@hnshah · Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
GDPR cookie banners for your Shopify store by Conversio! So sweet.
adiiMaker@adii · Founder @Conversio
@hnshah Thanks for hunting! :)
adiiMaker@adii · Founder @Conversio
Hey everyone! The Conversio team built Cooki as a quick & easy way for Ecommerce merchants to become more GDPR compliant. The app is super-simple and aims to do a few things really well: * Fully customisable cookie acceptance banner. * Easy GDPR compliant privacy-policy generator. * Simple API that could be used by other apps you use that do on-site tracking to check whether the visitor / customer has declined consent. * We also log the consent for you. So if you ever had to prove someone's consent, you can do so.
Mick@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
And then you save a cookie to remember that they have declined cookies.