Introducing the "Meet & Eat": Airbnb meets homemade meals.

Technically found by @AshleyLaurel :) I love the idea of the sharing economy extending to homemade meals. I've been meaning to try out one of their competitors, like EatWith and Interestingly,
Thanks for posting! I signed up for this last night and thought it would be a great way to try new food and potentially make new friends in SF who are creative and inspiring.
me and @elegantunivers9 from Task Rabbit were just talking about the sharing economy because i came across this well written but very critical article -- -- and some lash back from those who lament the "commodification of community". @rrhoover maybe an email collection of best sharing economy products or podcast episode from its leaders?@hunterwalk is doing a lot of cool things in this realm too. and very cool concept :)
@ErikTberg - love that theme. The downside is most people in the community can't use these early products, living outside of SF or NY.
true. time will tell how prevalent the sharing economy becomes in the rest of the world. @elegantunivers9 - what's usage been like for Task Rabbit outside of SF + NYC?