Convertible Notes Calculator

Tool to calculate how convertible notes will convert

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This seems like a fantastic, almost essential tool for startups. I wish that I'd had this during raising my first seed round.
.@_jacksmith this elevates the tension headache I get each time I think about the effect of a convertible note deal on future caps.
Wow, this is great!
It's weird. I would have guessed this existed before.
Thanks Jack Smith for hunting us, we made this tool to help as many founders as possible, and also we thought it's impossible that there is no intelligence on discount and cap/target valuation! If anybody has any feedback or would like to see something different, we'r more than open to discuss it!
@faloppad How does the interest setting work?
@j_duarte generally interests are always set annually, so if you toggle the interest switch, you can provide the annual rate as first thing. Interest is however calculated only until the moment the conversion happen, so if you forecast to close the next round in the next 15 months, you can set it there, and the right interest amount will be calculated. Am I understanding your question correctly?
@faloppad Thanks. And should you enter it as a decimal? For example 4% should be 0.04 or 4? Basically, I was playing with the app, but it seems to me there's some issue with the interest calculation.
@j_duarte no, just integer, so 4% as 4. We did not hear anything about the calculation of the interest in terms of issues, can you let me know specifics / if it is still there?
Thank you for hunting Jack! Very useful tool. We've written extensively about convertible notes in the event that people are mystified by the concept (