Conversions by FullStory

Create better digital experiences and improve conversions

When it comes to improving conversions, the problem isn't too much data—it's having the right insights.
We just launched Conversions to solve the problem of “too much data,” turning digital experience data into digital intelligence.
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Lachlan Kirkwood
Helping Makers Look Better 👕
Such a powerful product for gleaning rich insights! Awesome work team 🙌
@lachlankirkwood Thanks so much!
Whether an eCommerce checkout flow or a SaaS sign-up wizard, conversions are an essential piece of a business’s revenue engine. Yet, far too often, folks who are working to optimize conversions don’t know what they don’t know. Siloed data, difficult to verify hypotheses, unreported sources of friction, and an almost-infinite list of events that are custom to your business could all be contributing to lower conversion rates. FullStory set out to help eCommerce and SaaS teams proactively identify, understand, and optimize conversion-impacting experiences. Our newest product, Conversions, does this by showing you precisely when, where, and why your users experience friction on your website or app, making it easy to solve experience-related problems at scale. Simply configure the funnels you care the most about and Conversions will pinpoint which events are associated with lost conversions, surface the number of conversions you’ve lost as a result, and connect that data with real user session replays. We’ve received great feedback about Conversions during the beta period and are thrilled to launch this as part of our Enterprise edition.
Chief Meme Officer @ Vibe Check
I know hotjar dumps money into PH, but FullStory is amazing and I can't recommend it enough.
How does this compare to hotjar? The pricing model seems to have a big void between 0 and $850/mo. Based on that I still think hotjar is a more appropriate solution but would love to hear where that line of thinking is incorrect.