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I think this is a sign that crowdfunding is maturing to support not just one-off projects, but ongoing patronage, which could help solve the content monetization crisis. Patreon has helped codify that on the startup level, but Google taking this on provides larger-scale validation.
Just saw this shared on twitter by @nayafia. Interesting tool that allows publishers to accept monthly payments from readers in order to not see google ads. Personally as a publisher, I wouldn't think that not seeing ads would actually motivate people to donate. But the true fans whose lives are changed by your writing, I can imagine them easily donating $1/month or more.
Very interesting that google is doing this since their main source of money is ads.
I think it's an interesting idea but have two concerns, a) Initial launch is limited to ~10 sites or something, those 10 sites are most well known for repurposing content anyhow.. not sure how Google is helping anyone who actually needs help here. b) Google now officially acknowledges that people hate ads, so what does it do, it launches another google product to 'solve' the exact problem it has created #Genius.
@kamilszybalski I applied for access so lets see if they're helping the little guys too. I'm sure they purposely launched with big names to bring it credibility.
Seems like an automated version of that app that used to let you set a monthly budget; then choose websites to tip. Can't remember its name.
@_jacksmith Were you thinking of Flattr?