Content Marketing Bootcamp

A 10 week crash course to master content marketing

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I created this to course to help startups and founders leverage content marketing to gain traction & grow. I've been doing digital marketing for 13+ years and have helped 137 companies in my career leverage content for marketing purposes. I took everything I've learned the hard way (the fun way) and broke it down into a digestible and easy to follow training program. This isn't a course on theory or high level strategy. It's actionable training where you apply everything you learn in each week's training to your company.
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@sujanpatel in awe of how much quality stuff you put out there Sujan, big ups!
@sujanpatel Great going Sujan. Following your updates.
my buddy @sujanpatel just launched this awesome course!
Looks solid! All the best, Sujan :)
I like it very much Sujan, I will check it out. Content is the currency
Bringing it to the people, so stoked for this!