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Bring email to life with reactions, comments, and presence.

Teams on Consider can bring email to life with reactions, comments, and presence. When email is upgraded for today, we can all use more email, minimize chat interruptions, and get back to focusing on what matters. Created by Consider: email for startups.
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Hey Product Hunt, πŸ€— I'm Ben, CEO here at Consider. One of the things that is striking about email - when you get into it - is just how little it has changed. You can go read standards published in the 80s and 90s, and a lot of them are still in use today. The area that has probably seen the least innovation is email conversations themselves. Until today. πŸ˜‡ Today we're launching Reactions, Comments, and Presence for email. We've been using these features internally for a while now and we've found ourselves using email in a bunch of ways we didn't expect. To give one example: we now run our daily standup through email. Without these features this just would not work. Reactions give life to each standup thread. They give people little bits of feedback on what they're working on. Comments allow people to ask follow ups without derailing the whole thing. And presence makes them just a fun place to be each morning. Let us know what you think! Ben
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@benmcredmond I don't get it. Consider is a shared inbox, right? So these "Reactions, Comments, and Presence" are just a layer on top of a shared document, which happens to be an email, right? You're not actually sending those annotations back to the email sender, right? Because that would be baller, but totally unsupported by any other email client. I just want to make sure that I don't understand your use of the term "email". πŸ€”
@chrismessina Consider is not a shared inbox - we are an email client for teams, each person on your team has their own email address, their own inbox, their own view of the world. These features are enabled between everyone on your team using Consider. So if sends (me) an email, I can react, comment, etc. If our team is emailing each other in a Consider group (, anyone on the team can react, comment, etc.
@chrismessina @consider @benmcredmond However, Consider does have Groups functionality, which is somewhat a substitute for shared inboxes, right?
@benmcredmond I wish there was a test account so I could get a feel for Consider before inviting a team aboard.
@stowe_boyd Hey Stowe, Groups is a mailing list / google groups replacement, not a shared inbox. When you're a member of a group, emails to that group get delivered to your inbox. And groups won't accept mail from outside your domain. You can sign up yourself and try it out without inviting a team. You can test some of these features by emailing yourself.
This looks like a fun and easy way for teams to connect over email!
@pochi Thank you Placida!
Looks great! Is there any integration for non-Consider users?
@robmoore all these features are for people on the same team right now. If you're emailing with a non-Consider user on your team (by domain): Comments will send as emails. Reactions and Presence have no integration right now - but something we'd like to do.
Congrats on what looks like a really impressive release and much needed set of capabilities for conversations happening in email. Can't want to try it out. πŸ™ŒπŸ»
@mattnhodges Thanks Matt!
Love this product!
@sergio_villasenor Thanks SErgio!