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Looking to build and grow your next community? Community Manager Jobs is the curated job board with more than 250+ active work positions from companies like Magic Leap, Coursera, Twitch, Product Hunt, ConsenSys, 0x, Drift, Gradle, InfluxData, Serverless looking for Community Managers, Developer Evangelists/Advocates & Social Media Managers.

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Hi PH, Community Management, and in particular, roles like Developer Evangelist, Community Manager has been getting a lot of attention and it will continue to grow as companies find value in investing in their community. Right now, if you are looking for new opportunity in these domains then you have to search on different sites, which consumes a lot of your time. I spend time every day so that you don't have to, and curate these jobs from various sources including LinkedIn, AngelList, Startup Jobs, etc. Think of it as an aggregator of almost ALL community management related jobs from the Internet, and then if you'd like to apply for a job, it links you back to the source. I also run biweekly newsletter where I curate content around community management from different sources to educate people on all things community management. You can read past issues here - My name is Mohammed Rafy and I started this as a database for myself when I was looking for new opportunities. This was possible because of existing tools which I used like Carrd, Airtable, Zapier, Typeform, etc. I would love to hear your thoughts, learn from your feedback and implement to make this much better. Happy to answer all your questions. :)
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@rafyasarmatta keep up the good work.
This is the best community manager job board I have found to date, featuring positions in companies like Microsoft, Coursera, and WeWork. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
Thanks much, @jamesstewart Glad you liked it. :)
Very much needed. People dont realise community building and engaging it is a full time job. Good luck @rafyasarmatta
You're right, @harshamv. Companies right now are understanding the value of investing in communities.
Hi @rafyasarmatta, this is definitely the best community manager job board I found till now. πŸ‘ I just spent some time over there and signed up for your bi-weekly newsletter. I really appreciate how you are giving people the chance to check the previous newsletter, perhaps it's super simple but handy for readers. πŸ˜‡ About the white area of the job board, perhaps you could work a bit on UI of that specific area. For example, there's quite blank space on the right side of the job board, you could think about utilizing that space, like putting "Company Size" over there. Wish you all the best πŸ‘
Thank you so much, @afshana_diya Glad you liked it. I added that option when launched so that users can see my previous newsletter and subscribe if they like it. I felt it made more sense then just asking to subscribe. It's the default Airtable template. I have already reached out to Airtable regarding this. I hope they'll solve it soon. Thanks again. :)

Waiting for the mobile app version..:)


Great Idea

Need of the hour