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Hey guys, founder here. Thanks Tristan for hunting us! Appreciate you taking the time out to help us out. A bit of a back story behind Commerce.js/Chec. I've actually been working on this idea and iterating on it for almost 6+ years (probably more). It started off as Kout back in 2011 (Chec Kout - Get it?). I dropped out of uni in the UK during my first year, a month later ended up in Columbus OH, and then San Francisco at AngelPad… ….and then went through a founder split in 2012 after raising a pretty significant round so i had to move back to england for year. I built myself back up & rewrote Chec, then came back out a year later. There’s a more detailed story hidden in the comments section if you care to dig for it. It’s important but water under the bridge. I’ve been working on Commerce.js for the last 6 months or so. I built the entire thing (designer & full-stack developer whew) which in hindsight was incredibly important. Thinking as a designer, then front-end dev, then back-end dev while building endpoints was incredibly valuable. I’d design the section, then go ahead and write the API endpoint, and then write the Commerce.js function, and then tweak the endpoint as i was progressing through implementing the checkout. I built Commerce.js to handle all scenarios for developers & designers when they’re creating checkouts. Small things like “showing live running totals” for a checkout gets complicated when quantity, variants, shipping prices, pay what you want prices, and anything else comes into play. We’ve (hopefully) solved tedious tasks like that so you can focus on the design and integration with everything else. Commerce.js is built on top of, and is used by Chec - Chec 2.0 has moved hundreds of thousands of dollars via Commerce.js during the alpha testing. It’s pretty stable, but we’re still finalize our endpoints and our documentation. We are building Chec to be the lego bricks for eCommerce, allowing merchants of all sizes to create and piece together their own eCommerce solutions. And with this beta release of Commerce.js we’re laying the foundations to make Commerce.js the plumbing for eCommerce on the web, like what Stripe is for payments. Development is focused on certain endpoints, and then creating helper functions that compliment that endpoint. First was the Checkout, next up is Carts, Products, Orders, Fulfillment, Customers and so on. Ultimately we want Commerce.js to be the default for commerce on the web (and everywhere else). Sorry if this post rambles or any spelling/grammar mistakes, I’ve been up too long.Will probably clean up later on 😄 **Product Hunt Deal** We haven’t mentioned it on the site, but if you drop me an email at d [at] with your merchant id (you can see it on the setup page) - we’ll wave all transaction fees for 4 months on your account (you’d still have to pay the gateway fees). Also hit me up if you want to help out 😄 And yes, we have other SDK's coming later this month. Devan
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@devankoshal really cool to see this come to fruition Devan!!
@devankoshal What an awesome product! The hard work shows through in what a simple interface you've created. I have a site that this will work perfectly on, and will be plugging it in tonight.
@gabeguz thanks! let me know if you need help with the integration, i know the docs look a little bare -
Commerce.js is a clean, beautiful full-stack eCommerce API that allows developers and designers to create custom eCommerce experiences super fast for both web and mobile. The most common use case is the Checkout API. + the founders Devan and Andrew are real talk hard hustlers that will make your experience with the product amazing no matter what.
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Is there a checkout/transaction fee for this? API looks pretty simple 👍
@princebhojwani I was thinking the same thing. This must be a new competitor to Stripe.
@princebhojwani we have 3 pricing options. 2%, 1% and 0.5%. You pay a transaction fee + the payment gateway fees. Pretty standard for ecommerce. @dredurr stripes for payments, this is for ecommerce. Stripe is actually one of the third party gateways you can enable. If anything it's complementing 😄 Thanks guys!
@dredurr I think this sits on top of a payment gateway; so not a competitor.
@devankoshal Got it! Thanks and good luck
@devankoshal I hope you don't mind, but I had to post this. One of the great things about the Product Hunt community is we love awesome products. But we also love founders that create the products 😍, and their stories.
@dredurr Aha no problem! It's an important part of Chec, but at the same time water under the bridge - so i was torn wether to post it or not ha!