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Hi Everyone! I'm very excited to introduce you all to my first ever product,, a hosted commenting platform without the creepiness πŸ•΅. πŸ™… We don't serve ads. πŸ™… We don't build profiles on you. πŸ’ We do provide an excellent commenting experience. πŸ’ We do give you simple ways to embed and moderate your comments. Why did I build this? Well, this is the story all about how I: πŸ™Œ quit my job this year πŸ‘Š started building my own products πŸ‘‹ wanted to add a blog section to my website to write about it πŸ‘Ž realized there were no good hosted commenting solutions that weren't run by soulless, data-sucking, ad-serving corporations. And so, I set out to build my own happy little comment box that actually respects you as a user. To end on a serious note, I wanted to build something that could make some small bit of the internet a better place, and I leave it to you all to decide if can do that for you. I do hope you enjoy using it, and of course, feedback is both appreciated and welcome! P.S. Yes, a Wordpress plugin is coming very soon!
Wow! So, how does this exactly work? It's just an embed?
@aaronoleary Yup, just an embed code!
Nice work Shaun, looks great!
@daviswbaer Thanks! Glad you like it πŸ˜„
Do you have a roadmap of some of the upcoming features?
@caesar_bell Quite a few features are in the works. The Wordpress plugin is one of my top priorities at the moment! If there's anything you'd like to see, please let me know πŸ‘