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Miguel Mendes
Miguel Leite
Ricardo Marques
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    amazing experience, up to date and easy to use.


    alphabetical sorting of topics could be a nice upgrade

    I was looking for something like this for quite a while!

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André Moniz
André MonizMaker@andre_moniz · Founder at untold ventures
The idea occurred to us when we were starting another side project. We thought that it could be very useful if there was a way to map the most used colors on a specific product category (ex: Healthcare, Transportation, etc) We thought could we extract colors from the products featured on PH? And so we created We believe that colorwise can be useful when a maker is starting a new project and looking for the best colors in a specific niche/topic. By the way here's how we use the api: Everyday we grab yesterday's featured products and we extract the color palette and the fonts used on the product landing page and we generate a sample color/font application.
Ashwin@ashwinkumar_k · Web/Software developer
@andre_moniz Fantastic idea.
André Moniz
André MonizMaker@andre_moniz · Founder at untold ventures
Miguel Leite
Miguel Leite@mikegameiro · Co-founder, Tradiio
Amazing guys, I was waiting for something like this, it’s useful and fun to compare color choices. Thanks!
Andre Vaillant
Andre VaillantMaker@andre_vaillant · Product Designer @ Untold Ventures
Kevin Lou
Kevin Lou@kevinbryantlou · Experience @ Italic
Hunted right as we're trying to look for the right color palette for our company 🙌 Looks great! I'm curious about how you populate your "underrated" category 🤔
André Moniz
André MonizMaker@andre_moniz · Founder at untold ventures
@kevinbryantlou :) good to hear! The underrated are the products with less upvotes ;)