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Landing page design collaboration for marketing teams

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Hey Product Hunters, Tyson here, CEO at Instapage. We’re hard at work helping businesses lower the cost of customer acquisition by enabling marketing teams to build landing pages at scale. Our latest stride in making this a reality is the launch of our new Landing Page Collaboration solution. All marketing teams and agencies basically put up with the same fragmented, slow design review process. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Slack, email, Google Docs, or the best project management tools, invariably there are bottlenecks. Our Collaboration Solution busts these bottlenecks open. Now teams can create beautifully designed landing pages, then provide feedback directly on the landing page by clicking on the specific design element and leaving comments for team members, clients, and other stakeholders. This capability greatly speeds up the review process meaning you complete projects on, or ahead, of deadline. Plus, teams and agencies can now securely collaborate directly with clients. Bottom line: landing page design just got a lot faster for teams. Check it out and let us know what you think. We’ll be watching the comments all day and answering your questions.
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@tysonquick Hey Tyson.. Glad to see this new feature coming up. I'm one of the long time users of Instapage and I really love it. Generally, I used to get feedback over phone or email and as you rightly pointed out, these are bottlenecks and consume lot of time. Next landing page I'm gonna design, will try this. Good luck.
@simzaolly @tysonquick hey Asim, Oliver here, this feature is live and available for you to use as of yesterday! We always enjoy hearing from happy customers, I'm really glad you're a fan.
@simzaolly glad you are going to get immediate value from this. Your scenario is exactly why we made it. Thank you for the long time business.
@tysonquick You are most welcome. :)
Great! Love instapage use it a lot (I think I have 3/4 paid accounts) just to quickly test ideas. I use to have to set the page up take screenshots or other things to get feedback. Now this looks like it will be much faster. Looking forward to using this feature later this week!
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@christopher_87 hi Christopher, our collaboration solution was designed specifically to solve that very problem! No more screenshots, email, and endless back and forth. Be sure to drop us a line when you get a chance to dig into the feature further.
I use this product on a regular basis and it's one of my favorites. The team is strong on all fronts. This company is moving more and more in the direction of making optimal design something that's possible for anyone, even without a design background. Keep your eyes on this team.
@datarade hey Kumar, thanks for the high praise! We're working hard all the time to make great landing page campaigns scalable for everyone. Keep watching, this is just the start of what we have in store this year ;)
@datarade Hi Kumar, Thank you for the kind words. It is always great to hear from our users and customers. Appreciate your shoutout.
@datarade thanks for the ongoing support Kumar. You'll have to let us know what you think about the new collaboration feature.
Here's the product launch video
I am a HUGE fan of Instapage. I've been using them for over a year and I consistently have conversion rates of 52% + on my landing pages. I'm a UX designer and what I love most about Instapage is the flexibility that I can drag and drop everything around the page, which allows me to execute A/B tests without the help of a developer. As well, I LOVE that with Instapage it automatically creates the page as mobile responsive and then lets me re-arrange how things appear on mobile (or hide objects on mobile). Here are two examples of pages that I've made with Instapage ... 1) A sign up for my weekly UX newsletter: 2) A sign up for a free mini-course on how to do user research: Oh -- and their Live Chat customer service is really, really responsive. Another huge plus.
@sarahdoody That's amazing to hear, 52% conversion rate is outstanding! Thanks for the high praise, we're glad you love the platform so much.
@sarahdoody thank you so much for the support Sarah. We'd love to hear what you think about this new collaboration solution?