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Interesting piece of networking tech used at Davos earlier this year to match people more effectively. I have zero doubt AI tools like this will allow hosts to fuel better connections at all kinds of events. Community building has always been very ad hoc, so I'm excited to see purpose-built tools for putting the right people together when they're in the same place.
First off, huge thanks to @dshan for the hunt and the PH community for the grand stage. Co-Founder of Collaboration.Ai here, without further ado...simply stated; we visualize your team & intelligently connect people for better everything! What: Combining social graphs + Ai in real time, we’ve made network intelligence accessible for everyone. How: Our patent-pending artificial intelligence software enhances relationships from gut based hunches into scientific, data-driven, visualized connections (more on this below). Why: Because we know that the solutions to today’s pressing questions and issues, lie in the connectivity of communities. And at the end of the day, we are all connected, by the desire to make the world a better place, one outstanding team/network at a time. Background In my former life, I constantly found myself tasked with eliminating silos, restructuring teams, identifying mapping expertise, building impactful communities, you’ve heard the rest...all of which came down to; creating opportunities for the ‘right’ people to find and connect with one another. Product details So we’ve developed a software that helps organizations, conferences, events, and even professors, look at all aspects of an individual. From past experience (work and personal) to future desires, from social sharing to registration goals, we can input all available data and map the connections between them, based on your objectives, to identify the best group(ings) of people to improve… well, to improve any and everything! Collaborative Results We are excited to be leaving private mode with some great results from high profile companies, helping us to make our Networking Quick Connectors publicly available for free. Check us out in Fast Company to see how our data-driven work with the World Economic Forum has led to impactful collaborations, poised to greatly impact our world: http://bit.ly/2uGyQVJ We’re eager to collaborate with you, let us know how we can help better your network and find your critical connections! For the next 24 hours, anyone who signs up, will get FREE support from one of our experts at your first event (valued at $500). This offer is exclusive to the PH community (offer ends August 4th, 2017). Cheers, Brandon
This is by far one of THE best interactive and intelligent real time networking AI tools out there right now. The beauty of this tool is it's simplicity - easy to use, takes only a couple of minutes and the output is brilliant! Fantastic work @collaborateking
This is a great idea. The best part about it is that is actually fills a need. Loads of apps allow you to do the things you do more easily from your smartphone or quicker than some other way. This allows you to actually have productive and efficient meetings, dinners, company retreats, break out sessions, conferences, events... you name it! My question is whether this can the technology be used to organise teams within companies to maximise an organisation's potential... that would be awesome!
Wow! The old systems and software adage "garbage in, garbage out" now applies to people and relationships. Unlocking collaboration within teams no longer needs to be left to chance.
Amazing tool to convert those old style conferences into productive sessions.