Your favorite design chrome extension - Visual Inspector is now much more powerful with collaboration on website feedback and fixing design bugs.

Here's a quick glimpse of new features: sync changes to cloud , add comments to the pages, share and collaborate changes remotely .

So start fixing design issues or trying new styles on live pages :)

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hey @kwdinc, thanks a lot for the hunt. Hello Hunters, thank you so much for giving you love to Visual Inspector - Over 30,000 designers in a month pixel-perfected 2 Million pages and counting. Waoh!! we are hands down.. A lot of designers and product guys use Visual inspector to fix design issues by sharing them with the team, so we have made it super simpler to be able to share the changes internally and discuss them with the team. Here's a quick glimpse on what's new: - Sync changes to cloud - Add comment to the page - Share and collaborate changes remotely We have done lot of user interviews and experiments to bring the best version to you hunters, and we are hungry to hear any suggestion you have on this. Or, if Visual Inspector helped you in anyways, what's a better time to share it now than ever - drop a comment. Hope this makes web a better place with lesser design bugs.. See you in comments CanvasFlip Squad

I really love the idea. Making changes on live website and sharing changes with team members was not easy before Visual Inspector. Now by using Visual Inspector I am able to make design changes on fly without opening Chrome Inspector, add comment on the page and share with my team member. Now no more screenshot of website to discus changes. Now I can discus it with my team on live website only. It saved a lot of our time. Thank you Team :) <3


Make design changes on live website without opening chrome inspector and share all changes with team. Love this product <3


- Not yet

Been using Visual Inspector for sometime now, also introduced it to my designer he loved it and he used to email me css specifications. But with the new collaboration feature I can directly look at the changes he suggests and implement them on the live site.


Being able to collaborate with my designer who has zero coding knowledge


Mobile view yet to be supported(Toggle Device) - [Coming Soon according to the co-founder]

This is an awesome product. My entire process previous to this now look like a hack. Highly recommended.
@ankitind1 Thanks a lot Ankit. It's been always super awesome to hear your kind words and feedback. So glad you found it helpful.. :)
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@vm4canvasflip get an error Apache page on checkout.
@itsthisjustin your payment is successful and you can continue to your dashboard via extension. :) Also, can you please share more details on the error message to . Sorry for the inconvenience.