Cold Email Hacks 2.0

Proven cold email templates and tactics for B2B startups

Steli from shares his best cold email templates & tips

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Incredibly thorough.


Useful advice that is immediately actionable to increase results from cold email.


There are no cons.

This looks great. Looking forward to read all! :)
@cenja awesome :) looking forward to hearing your feedback! was giving a sales workshop at Y Combinator yesterday and a founder said he's getting 40% response rates on his cold emails thanks to our templates. Hope to hear similar results for many more of you!
Great resource, just read it... Would be great a more statistical perspective in a new issue ;) (rather than personal experience/opinions)
Great job !! Will try it out 😊
Nice work @steli! Always love your sales tips and content. I still remember your "GIF follow up" article. sometimes use that, especially with our Commaful community members