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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 22, 2018

Coinvet is a new jobs and gigs marketplace

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Neil Sandhu
Neil SandhuMaker@neilsandhu · Founder, Block Labs
Hey everyone. We are excited to share Coinvet with this great community. Coinvet is a jobs and gigs marketplace that uses bitcoin rewards to incentivize the crowd to help employers and clients find the most qualified professionals for their jobs and gigs.
Mateo D.
Mateo D.@mateolovesearth · Failing entrepreneur, but I keep trying.
@neilsandhu Looks great. I’ve used your old marketplace and this looks even more promising.
Neil Sandhu
Neil SandhuMaker@neilsandhu · Founder, Block Labs
@mateolovesearth thanks Mateo! Hope you do check it out and let us know if you have any questions.
Nick Neuman
Nick Neuman@nneuman · Product at Casa
Congrats on your PH launch! I was checking out your site and thought of a few questions... What happens to a bounty in a case where the employer picks someone who was not vouched for? And if the service condition isn't met, thus the bounty & vouchers are forfeited, where does that money go? Who do you think will be the most likely to vouch for someone else (what will their relationship be)? Thanks and great work!
Neil Sandhu
Neil SandhuMaker@neilsandhu · Founder, Block Labs
@nneuman hey. Thanks for the questions! If a professional isn't selected, the vouch payment goes back in full to those who recommended a person that was not selected. The bounty would be forfeited if the employer picks someone who wasn't vouched for, although we should explain that better. (We will return bounties though that were paid for by 1/31 if employers or clients are not satisfied for any reason). The money for forfeited bounties goes to Coinvet (but obviously if that happens frequently, we are not working correctly and we won't survive for long). We would much prefer that the bounties get distributed. Our purpose in keeping the bounties is just that we don't want employers and clients to make stuff up just to get the bounty back. So, that they gain nothing with incorrect reports on the service condition. (We've thought about potentially disbursing retained bounties to high-performing professionals on the marketplace.) While anybody can vouch for anyone, in most cases we think it will be folks who know the professional and are confident in their work. Of course, we are just getting underway, and things may evolve. We certainly want this to be a great experience for all involved.