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Buy and sell bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and iota with ease.


CoinFalcon is a platform to help you sell your cryptocurrencies with ease.

6 Reviews
Noah Tsutsui
Ciocanel Razvan
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  • Chris Zioutas
    Chris ZioutasChris Zioutas Co-Founder of Quma.io

    Sleak UI


    - I dont see the pros.

    - Doesnt support fiat currency.

    I get the idea and nice UI execution which most likely attract people (this is the wrong reason to attract people though).

    I give more fault to ProductHunt team for tweeting it as a Coinbase competitor, which is not as they dont deal with euros,usd etc.

    Chris Zioutas has used this product for one day.
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  • Pros:Β 

    None - Can't use it.


    Non-Americans Only

    I would love to check this out, but there is a checkbox on the sign up page that states: "I certify that I am not a U.S. citizen, resident or entity (a U.S. Person) nor am I acting on behalf of a U.S. Person." which at first glance doesn't make a lot of sense, but basically means that you can't sign up if you are an American...

    That's fine, but it should be much more clear before you even get to the sign up page, and not just put it as a checkbox that most people aren't likely to fully read.

    Matthew Jacobs has never used this product.
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  • Pros:Β 

    They are stealing people money *** Totally a Scam*****


    Totalllly scam, I have lost 0.6 bitcoin, they never recover me

    I have transfered bitcoin on their wallet, I see that they transfered the coins to one other wallet one day after. I have tried to withdraw my coins 4 days later but the coins never come, I have asked them, they first send me a fake hashtag and no transaction exist, then they send me an old transaction that did not match with my transfer. At the end they stopped answering my email. This organisation is totally a scam and they are stealing people money. If you are victim, report them to action fraud on https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/asov

    bacem has used this product for one month.
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  • πŸ€”
    πŸ€”Co-Founder (Also founder) of Nothing



    Sends spam mails.


    πŸ€” has never used this product.
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  • William Gallosa
    William GallosaW G Asset Group

    Buying iota coins


    It is NOT available for US residents

    It sucks

    William Gallosa has never used this product.
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  • Pros:Β 



    dangerous market orders

    they will steal your entire stack if there isnt any liquidity, which they simply dont have in any of their pairings

    Daniel Jan Neetzel has used this product for one month.
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