Coindex Beta

Elegant cryptocurrency price tracking on iOS

A better way to track your Bittrex, GDAX, and Poloniex assets.

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Hello Everyone and thank you for checking out Coindex iOS beta ☺️ We have been working hard and have some fun features on the road map. We hope to do a Product Hunt launch once we get to a live version so stay tuned for round 2! --- If you would like some back story on Coindex, check out this blog post
Been using this for a few weeks now. I love it 😍 super simple to track the coins I want and get info at a glance. Great job 👍
@thetwopct Thanks for the kind words, James. Glad you're enjoying coindex so far.
Would love Apple Watch support!
@hustlinhack Great idea Kyle! We have been hearing this one alot
@hustlinhack and notification widget too
Can't wait to get ahold of this! I've been using Coinbase for alerts/info, but it looks like this is much better. I hope it's reliable!
@bluetidepro This supports wayyy more currencies than Coinbase.
@_sklahr_ Yeah, can't wait to get the beta invite! So this does price alerts with push notifications well? I've tried others in the app store, but a lot of them were very unreliable and would send alerts days late.
@_sklahr_ @bluetidepro If you signed up on the site, we'll be sending out another batch of TestFlight invites here shortly. Price Alerts are on our shortlist. We don't currently have a server up, which means we also would not be able to deliver alerts reliably. This is going to change very soon
@_sklahr_ @bluetidepro Currently we have price tracking. Product is quite early --- notifications has been a high demand feature. We hope to solve some of these problems you mentioned!
May I get on the beta 🙇
@producthunt @nivo0o0 Just added you Niv
@producthunt @nivo0o0 I checked, looks like you were added to the signup list :)
@nivo0o0 @producthunt @chadwhitaker Hey Chad, you are in. I will get ship out a TestFlight build sometime today :)