Trello-style Cryptocurrency news aggregator 🦁

CoinBuzz is a news aggregator board for Cryptocurrency.

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If Trello and Twitter had a baby on the blockchain 😁
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@rrhoover soooo many companies are going to be having blockchain babiesss separate category?
Hi, folks! Thank you @bentossell for hunting. CoinBuzz is a kanban-styled news cryptocurrency aggregator. I have a lot of plans for it: more altcoins, cards drag'n'drop, content pages and much more.
Btw, check out the story behind this project:
Nice little news aggregator for cryptooooo
Pretty cool, but some text content apart from just Twitter would really help this site rank. In it's current state, whilst useful, will not rank at all in Search Engines.
Hi, @theashtube Good point! I plan to add content pages later.
@alexanderisora Looking forward to it! Great site so far! The UI is very pleasant to use.
already I use / it is informative !