Bitcoin investing on autopilot

CoinBits is Bitcoin Investing on AutoPilot. It allows you to invest in EASIL Y. It. Just. Works. Connect your card, have it run in the background. You can even set how risky you want to get.
CoinBits is THE easy on ramp for Bitcoin,
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Bitcoin is Dead if there's no easy way to get into it. Most exchanges are way too hard to sign up with. Even the so called easy ones lack features. The biggest thing in getting the way of a Bitcoin Bull Run (Especially now) is that people don't know how to get into it. How many Billions of dollars could've been invested if it were just easy? That's why we created CoinBits. Which is Bitcoin investing on Autopilot. Easy to sign up. Easy to Buy. Set it and forget investing (no daily checking anxiety) Check it and let me know what you think!
So THIS is what you've been working on, @erikfinman. What's next on the roadmap? Other currencies?
@rrhoover Yep! This is the first step in a long roadmap of making Crypto-Currency accessible to people. Even making Blockchain technology usable in a way that makes sense for normal people.
@erikfinman I used Lawnmower back in the day for this, until they pivoted to just buying and then shut it down. What makes coinbits different from other crypto round up apps?
Been using for a few months now. Absolutely love it. The returns are much better than I initially expected and having my investment on autopilot makes me feel like a seasoned investor... Without having to do anything. Going back and checking my account and appreciation is pretty addicting. Just upped my roundups to 3x πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
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I set this up a few months ago and when I logged in today my spare change investing made over $500! Such and easy and sure way to diversify your portfolio and invest in something you know is going to be an important part of our economic future.


So easy - set it an forget it.


None that I can think of!

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