Coinbase Earn (XLM)

Learn Stellar. Earn $50 of XLM.

#4 Product of the DayMarch 27, 2019
Coinbase Earn is working with the Stellar Foundation to distribute one billion Stellar Lumens (XLM). Any eligible US user can now learn about the Stellar protocol while earning up to $50 of XLM. All of the funds are going directly to Coinbase users.
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This product is for both new and existing Coinbase users! Our goal with this launch is to open up a new way to get cryptocurrency. For the first few years or so of Bitcoin, the primary way of getting it was mining it. From 2013 to 2018, many crypto exchanges began popping up around the world and tens of millions of users now started to buy and sell cryptocurrency. We think that getting to the next order of magnitude in growth for crypto users will require the ability to easily *earn* crypto. In theory, this can be done anywhere in the world with no bank account or overhead, if a sufficient supply of tasks can be found. Towards that end, this major launch by Coinbase Earn provides the budget for millions of users to earn crypto for the first time -- just by learning about new assets and completing simple tasks online. Happy to answer questions!
@balajis belgian here, can i get free coins?
@johan_van_wambeke1 Soon :) Go and watch the videos and add yourself to the waitlist
$50 is a lot to earn for a few minutes of "work". How are you choosing which cryptocurrencies to support, @balajis? Any hints on what's coming next?
@balajis @rrhoover is that $50 immediately liquid? Ah, looks like you have to successfully onboard 4 new users too ($10/invite, same as standard Coinbase referral)
@rrhoover @chrismessina Yeah, so, $10 is immediately liquid for your own work. You get $40 more for getting 4 folks invited ($10 per person) to complete tasks. Importantly, both new and existing users can both earn the $10 for completing tasks and then earn the $40 for inviting new folks.
Did this already this morning, I still have three spots open if someone needs a link:
Here's $10 to try this out, if you're not already a Coinbase user:

Videos are surprisingly high quality


Easy way to learn about Stellar


Would love even more videos