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We are excited to announce Cognito Forms on Product Hunt! Cognito Forms is the brain-child of a veteran team of web developers and designers that are driven to make it easy for anyone to create advanced forms that work great on all devices. There are plenty of basic form builders. We wanted more: - powerful no-compromise forms - fun, streamlined and intuitive experience - forms that connect, not just collect
@_jmt_ Looks pretty rad Jamie! Quick question, do the lower-tier plans come with Cognito branding? The pricing grid doesn't mention it explicitly...
@_jmt_ I'm a huge Typeform guy (thanks @_jacksmith ) what are some things you guys have a one up on over them?
@natelegler @_jacksmith Typeform is fabulous at surveys and I really love the innovation they bring to the experience with their one question at a time approach--especially on mobile. Cognito Forms picks up where most form builders and survey tools leave off, to handle complex scenarios like group registrations, quote generation, complex online orders, etc. Great features like support for repeating sections, robust calculations, deep Stripe/PayPal integration, PDF document generation, and the ability for your customers to come back and update their submissions later enables our customers to implement end to end business processes to help run their businesses and non-profit organizations.
@natelegler Another way to put this is we are bridging the gap between existing form builders on the market and custom development, while delivering a form builder experience that is both easy and fun to use.
We remove all branding from emails for all paid plans and are in the process of updating our shared form links to also not include branding for paid plans. Forms embedded in websites do not include branding.
Also, for anyone that just wants to start building to see what Cognito Forms is all about without signing up, just go straight to the builder!