Cognitive Lode

Playbook of cognitive biases & psych research

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One of my favorite Wikipedia pages is the List of Cognitive Biases. Cognitive Lode provides a concise overview of biases like the Ikea Effect, Anchoring Bias, Peak-End Rule, etc. These principles can be applied to nearly every professional role -- marketing, product design, sales, etc. cc @nireyal @lennyhu
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Welcome, @ribotmaximus! I'm digging CogLode. I helped Nir write Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products so I'm especially keen on this subject. What's the most obscure or unexpected cognitive bias you've discovered? P.S. you should work with @SamuelHulick from User Onboarding and @jlinowski from GoodUI to create the ultimate product designer playbook. :)
We could call the game Cog Lode Runner? :)
Awesome! Cool to see these becoming more accessible and viewed through a lens that encourages action. I tell people about this stuff all the time, eg
Cognitive biases can be really powerful in product design. If you take a look at most pricing pages you'll see concepts like the anchoring effect, social proof and a few others. One of my favorite books is Influence by Robert Cialdini which goes into depth on a lot of these concepts. It's definitely worth reading for startup founders.