Coffice City

Inter-galactic city guide for the best cafes to work from


Coffice City is an inter-galactic city guide for the top 10 best coffices (cafe-as-an-office) to get real shit done. A strictly curated handful of cafes that I *want* to keep going back to. All the cafes listed are/have 📡hi-speed wifi, 😍work-friendly, ☕️coffee, 🚾toilet nearby, 🔌sockets, 🚶standing desks, 🔇mostly quiet. Made using Sheet2Site.

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I love the idea, but maybe you should add data from 4square or google APIs, so we can have more coffices recommendations around the globe! 🌎

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More than only Starbucks


Not working on mobile (iOS Safari)

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Hi @idgm5 thanks for pointing out the bug on iOS. Strangely it's working on my end, so I just wanted to find out more about your experience so that I can fix the bug...Can you tell me which specific link (on which website/page?) you clicked on? Or the specific url you used? Or you can try this link:

With Elon Musk on the rise, the inter galactic idea is going to Skyrocket...:). Loved the idea. Hoping to see the events tab soon


As an early user, I'm afraid I have only one. Event in these cafes missing

Need to work more on design though


Amazing idea

Great content

Great curation