Coffice City

Inter-galactic city guide for the best cafes to work from

Coffice City is an inter-galactic city guide for the top 10 best coffices (cafe-as-an-office) to get real shit done. A strictly curated handful of cafes that I *want* to keep going back to. All the cafes listed are/have 📡hi-speed wifi, 😍work-friendly, ☕️coffee, 🚾toilet nearby, 🔌sockets, 🚶standing desks, 🔇mostly quiet. Made using Sheet2Site.

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Hi Product Hunters! Some back story first: I’m tired of myself talking about making products but never actually doing it. It’s always been my dream to make products, especially ones that serve the public good and create positive social impact. It’s my passion and purpose to create a personally meaningful body of work at the intersection of design, social/public issues and entrepreneurship. So I’m committing to make 1 minimum viable product per month, starting Feb 2018. I’ll keep going till I run out of ideas or money, or something takes off in a huge way that requires all my time, or exhaustion kicks in. Whichever comes first. #1mvp1month For my 6th MVP, I made a list called Coffice City that shows the top 10 best cafes (aka cafe-as-an-office or ‘coffices’) for working in major cities around the world (and the galaxy too) – places for digital nomads and people who need to do serious work but have no need for co-working spaces. I’m really picky about which cafes count as work-friendly, and these are the ones I would go back to again and again. After all, I don’t need to know 100 cafes available out there which are work-friendly but sub-par for serious remote work. All I wanted was just a handful that I want to keep going back to. All the cafes listed are/have 📡hi-speed wifi, 😍work-friendly, ☕️coffee, 🚾toilet nearby, 🔌sockets, 🚶standing desks, 🔇mostly quiet. Read more about why I made this 👉here. These city guides for coffices are a 🚧work-in-progress🚧, and need folks who frequent coffices to contribute! I hope this can eventually be extended to other major cities around the world, perhaps through crowdsourcing via other digital nomads. One cafe or two, nothing is too little. Please suggest a cafe/city 👉here👈. This is also my first experiment that’s focused on creating for an audience of one, for myself, for fun (read my previous post on my too-serious *ahem boring* projects and about making ‘useless’ things for fun). Coffice City was made entirely from a Google Sheet using Sheet2Site. Kudos to @AndreyAzimov for making Sheet2Site.
@andreyazimov @jasonleowsg nice! would be great to have a clearer call to action for suggesting cafes on the site, when I clicked Europe to find some in London there's only one listing in Sofia. Would be nice if there was a big button right there asking me to suggest some 😊
@abadesi thanks for the feedback. Yeah, London city guide is not built yet because I'd never worked at cafes there, so will need help from other nomads. Hmmm🤔 there's a "Add a cafe" button right in the middle of the page when you first arrive, and at the bottom there's a blank entry (where a city/cafe should be) that says "Add a place"... I'm guessing those were not obvious to you...where should I have placed the button instead?
@andreyazimov @jasonleowsg I'm tired too of myself... What should I do?
@ucefkh don't over-think it...just ship! 😊👍
I don't like it when users leave critical reviews with no text. So the site/product is not good but you don't want to spend a second explaining why? It shouldn't be allowed
@footer yeah I agree too. I had seen where some profiles looked pretty suspicious - where there's little/no followers or upvotes activity, but they decide to leave one critical review on a product and then disappear.🤔
Seems nice! I have tried to use a few of this websites during my travels and I would like to give a tip to all those that are seeking a place to work a bit from! Go to a library. They are everywhere, mostly free, with great wifi, quiet and with a great work mood!
@duiker101 thanks for the tip! Yeah I considered adding libraries too to the list, as in Singapore, the public libraries are like co-working spaces. But in the end I left it out because I like to be able to drink coffee and eat snacks while I work, and libraries usually have rules against that unfortunately...if you know any library that allows coffee+food, let me know! 😊👍
Cool idea - but very niche and hasn't developed the traction necessary for it to actually serve the purpose for which is was created. Personal recommendation - maintain the minimalist and convenient UX, but do away with the emojis and block text right in the center of the site.
@michaelgangnath appreciate the feedback. Yes, it's very much still a MVP, a work in progress. Hoping the nomads here can help flesh it out as it's a community resource more than a for-profit project. 😊 Curious to hear more about your comment regarding emojis and block text in center of site is that affecting your experience of using the site, and any idea on how to make it better?
@jasonleowsg There's a lot going on there, and because of the spacing especially regarding the text, the attention of the reader can get distracted. The UX is minimalist, so the text habitat should be the same. Additionally; Emojis are symbols and convey information - having them in addition to text, makes an overflow of information and tends to be an eye sore; in my view emojis tend to crowd and conflict with UX design flow. Try to say more with less and spacing out the padding for the text - it makes everything a lot less of a jumble to read. Highly recommended this as a resource for the development of pages heavy in text: Overall guys, great work - looking forward to seeing how this product grows. Happy Hunting, Michael.

I love the idea, but maybe you should add data from 4square or google APIs, so we can have more coffices recommendations around the globe! 🌎

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Not working on mobile (iOS Safari)

Hi @idgm5 thanks for pointing out the bug on iOS. Strangely it's working on my end, so I just wanted to find out more about your experience so that I can fix the bug...Can you tell me which specific link (on which website/page?) you clicked on? Or the specific url you used? Or you can try this link: