Coeno (beta)

Collaborative decision-making done right

Improve your company culture and boost employee engagement. Coeno creates a workplace environment allowing employees to express and share their opinions and ideas freely, contributing to the decision-making processes in your team and company.
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Hi everyone! I'm a first time hunter/maker here on Product Hunt! I love the community! I would like to present to you Coeno - Collaborative Decision Making Done Right. Coeno creates a workplace environment that allows employees to express and share their opinions and ideas freely. This helps Improve your company culture and boost employee engagement. The main product helps you establish this by allowing members of your company workspace to do 3 kinds of things: *Present Your Suggestion* A Suggestion is your thoughts, ideas, or stance on a particular subject matter. It can be as long or short as you want it to be. The goal of a Suggestion is to outline your views on a topic so that others can read it and decide for themselves whether they agree or disagree with you. *Debate with a Response* There’s absolutely no harm in some healthy debate, which is why you always have the option to write a Response to any Suggestion you don’t necessarily agree with. *Collaborate with a Notion* Sometimes you may not have a well-formed Suggestion for your team and colleagues, and you may want to invite others to contribute. A Notion allows you to do that. This can further help drive innovation, build culture and connect people in your company or team. We have a free forever plan that you can experiment with for your team or company during the beta launch of Coeno! Would love to hear your feedback on the product! Many thanks, Amr
@amralrefae Really liking this, something we've been looking at how to tackle with the Grow Remote community. Trying to look at how we might use it in some cases right now. Heads up, you have social icons on your site that go no where.
Looks very helpful for team interaction....some of our team currently uses - but it looks like this does much more - is that a correct assumption?
Can't be worse than the mailing lists we are using now.