Codin Game

Learn and improve your coding skills, while playing games.

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damien legaveCTO
I never thought about adding it to, yet it's one of my favorite activity on my free time when I am not working on my sides projects ! As no one described it yet: It's made of 3 parts: - single player which consist of several 'programming game/ai puzzles' to complete at your own pace - multiplayer which consist of former contests puzzles/ai games where your bot compete with others. - contests which happen every few weeks and are set on few hours or few days. Each player have to make the best bot within the contest duration. You can code using many different langages and it's pretty easy to start. ps: I have reached #Guru level and my profile is here: Meet me there if you like AI programming !
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Eddie Pratt
Product Manager,
What an awesome way to learn! I just gave it a quick try. - Intro tutorial walked me through key concepts in a minute. - I didn't need to login - gave me an option to test without signing up. - I picked Javascript from the dozens of languages to try. - Lovely integrated IDE with preview of game, code editor, and test cases (challenges) to pass. - I had to write some code to shoot the closest spaceship from two approaching. BOOM. - Test case passed and ship destroyed. - Lovely polished experience. Just worked. Well done! Vive la France!
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Kevin Li
Co-Founder at Farmstead
this is great :)
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Steven W
Nice guys finish lunch.
Great concept. Would love to play/code in Swift.
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Mark Lombardi-NelsonLet's Build Together
Wow, super clean and easy to use. From a beginning code enthusiast this was really easy to understand and follow. Excited to check back in and see how it progresses over time, though so far this is really helpful!
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