jQuery for legal documents

Codepact is a new, better interface for law, using software engineering techniques to custom-build contracts for the way you do business.

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Hey Hunters Codepact is a new user interface for law that massively simplifies legal content. We abstract away incomprehensible, lengthy, boring legalese with reusable “legal functions” (like functions in software). I’m a software developer / practising lawyer and I built Codepact to solve the legalese problem so that people can create (and understand) customized contracts. The legalese is still part of a Codepact contract (you can summon it at any time) – it just doesn’t get in the way of the succinct deal-summary that a contract should be. Codepact contracts are short, clear and faster to create. Coders have been using great tools and techniques for decades to manage informational complexity – lawyers should be using them too. We use ideas like modularity, dependency management and branched version control (Git) to do law better. The interface helps users choose the right document (in the US, England or Australia), customize it, sign it digitally and store it in Markdown. Codepact builds checklists as you select options to help you implement the contract before and after it’s signed (it's easy to forget). Looking forward to hearing what you think!
Great job!! 😊 Codepact is so useful for lawyer and law firms 😊 Would love more functionality on this
@ayush_chandra Hi Ayush - thanks for the positive feedback. We do allow super-users to upload their own document templates using markdown format, or particular word templates. We're also working on making it easier to create new content and modules on Codepact. We'll keep you in the loop on this.
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