Codementor Live Classes

Learn to code with a live mentor, not with video tutorials

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Weiting from Codementor here! We're very excited to be launching Live Classes today! Unlike existing MOOCs where students learn via pre-recorded videos, Codementor Live Classes enable students to learn how to code with a live instructor in a small group setting. We're expanding our product line beyond more than just 1:1 mentoring. Students can now learn new technologies from a live code mentor at a much more affordable price range, starting from $99 for an 8-hour class series. Would be happy to answer any questions that you may have!
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Jay Mutzafi
iOS Developer
@weitingliu looks great!
Taylor Crane
Product @ Hello Alfred
I'd love to see a more detailed curriculum, particularly for the Ruby on Rails course... the site doesn't give much info. Seems pretty beginner (e.g. w/ scaffolding)