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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2018

Codela 2.0 is the easiest platform to get prepared for tech interviews!

— lots of programming challenges

— tags for companies, universities and cs concepts

— entertaining competitions

— all popular languages supported

— 100% free


  • Kemal Kolcuoğlu
    Kemal KolcuoğluComputer Engineering Student

    Simple, useful and instructive


    Very new yet

    This site is so useful for Computer Science students. You can solve algorithms of the greatest companies interview. The only missing side of this site they so new in this sector.

    Kemal Kolcuoğlu has used this product for one year.
  • Goktug Yilmaz
    Goktug YilmazDev of Dawn of Crafting

    Free, fun, useful, supports js, py, go & swift


    Can't run code without signing in, sometimes want to open incognito browser to test an alternative real quick.


    Goktug Yilmaz has used this product for one month.
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Murat Sutunc
Murat SutuncMakerHiring@muratsutunc · Codela, Cordova PMC, Ex-Microsoftie
Hy my name is Murat, one of the co-founders of Codela. Almost every developer we know has an interview horror story. After interviewing more than 2.000 candidates for leading technology & finance companies we have figured out the underlying core reason - MISCOMMUNICATION! 😰 In most cases, both the candidate and the interviewer don't know how to prepare for the interviews. Candidates study inefficiently, focusing on inessentials. The interviewers prepare the trickiest questions expecting candidates to pull off the mission impossible hacking scene. We're trying to solve this problem by providing both sides a free platform. Think of it as 🌟 WIKIPEDIA-FOR-TECH-INTERVIEWS 🌟. As we grow our collective interviewing knowledge, things will only get better for us, the developers.
Ömercan Çelikler
Ömercan Çelikler@omercii ·
Which technology stack did you use for making Codela?
Ebru Turun
Ebru TurunMakerHiring@ebruturun · Codela
@omercii We 💖 Javascript @ Codela. We use node, mongodb & lots of docker 💪 Fun Fact: Murat used to work on ES6 at Microsoft.
Fatih Zor
Fatih Zor@fatih_zor ·
How many languages do you support? Will you add more?
Murat Sutunc
Murat SutuncMakerHiring@muratsutunc · Codela, Cordova PMC, Ex-Microsoftie
@fatih_zor We currently support 11 languages. We'll be adding Crystal, Rust and R shortly!
Ertuğrul Çetin
Ertuğrul Çetin@ertuctn · Creator of Clojurecademy
@fatih_zor @muratsutunc Please add Clojure as well :)
Hayden Evans
Hayden Evans@hayden_evans
@ertuctn seconded!
Veselin@vesln · @AngelList Platform
Some of the challenges are really cool! It's certainly a very useful (and also entertaining) resource for all engineers.
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊