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The best alternatives to Codela are Talscale, HireBeat - Job Seekers, and interviewing.io. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Codela
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Talscale is a one-stop platform to assess tech talent for hiring remotely. Evaluate candidates with project-based assessments, & live pair-programming interviews to building a data-driven hiring process with a ...

  • 👉HireBeat is the world’s first on-demand recruiting platform for small businesses to find, engage and hire the best talent faster. 📈 We help you break free from your email, google docs and spreadsheet in the ...

  • interviewing.io is the best way to practice technical interviewing, and we can also help you find a great job without ever touching your resume or talking to a recruiter.

  • Coderslang 2.0 helps you prepare for the Software Dev Interview by taking personalized quizzes with explanations. FREE on iOS and Android!

  • What is HackerPen? It is a collaborative, technical interview platform with real-time feedback. The demo video shows you how to use HackerPen for technical interviews, and practice of technical interviews.

  • Devpad.io helps conduct the coding interview and the training session. Powerful and efficient solutions: pads, repos, reviews, containers and more. Coding interview tools for screening and testing developers.

  • Forget about plenty of different tools during the interview! Check the basic technical skills of the candidate already at the first communication. Or give the candidate a take-home exercise to discuss it then a...

  • Mockinterview.app is a platform for all aspiring candidates who never get a chance to prep for the real interview. In our platform, the candidate will be able to search for interviewers, schedule a mock in...

  • Jobprepper.com allows you (front end developers) to upload your resume and it will create a personalized interview experience based on your skill set. Improve your interview skills by reviewing your audio-recor...

  • Codocado helps software engineers ace the technical interview. Sign up for our newsletter for free and receive daily curated technical interview questions from real FAANG software engineers.

  • Hireglyph is a collaborative interview preparation platform for quant finance. Users can prepare for interviews by accessing a variety of verified interview questions while learning from a community of problem-...