CodeFights is a San Francisco based technology startup on a mission to discover, develop and promote technical talent. It applies core game mechanics to transform practicing skills like programming into a fun and addictive game while helping talented people from all backgrounds to find amazing new opportunities.

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hey everyone, founder here :) Happy to answer any questions that you might have.
@tigransloyan Surprisingly fun! My only feedback would be that scoring isn't clear and incorrect answers/timeouts feel significantly un-fun. Specifically, some ideas I'd love as a user for a V2: * "What! Why was that wrong?" I didn't see a way to get the correct answer when I eventually got a "time's up"/"game over". That would feel much more worthwhile to return to as a learning/improvement tool. I also can't review because the code disappears in favor of the error/game over text. * Same with getting it outright wrong when I tested that. * Maybe throw in 3 lives too, where I can either start over, or continue with my next life by taking a hit in points? * It also doesn't reset when you close the tab and come back. I just did that to check something, and it still showed me the "game over" screen. * Scoring isn't clear. It seems like each question has a max score, and maybe that goes down the longer it takes you? I'd expect to see how many points I'd get if I submitted right then, and have that tick down as time passes. * Even for signed-out users: A light-weight high score feature, eg with cookies or local storage, would be nice. Then saving your high score could incentivize to sign up. * A twitter button to share my high score in a tweet might be nice for social & word of mouth. (And also wouldn't require login). * FB Connect and Twitter OAuth both failed with this error: "Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a frame with origin "". Protocols, domains, and ports must match.: * Humorously, your site's error message after failed Twitter sign-in doesn't re-set the popup's content, only the title. So it says "Authorization Failed... There is a bug in one line of the given code. Find and fix it!". It'd be awesome if that were a challenge to edit the source code in order to sign in, but I suspect that's not the case ;)
@staringispolite awesome feedback! I agree with almost every comment you made so expect many of those to be in the product soon. There are some random oAuth errors happening here and there that I we are trying to chance down right now but yours seems to different. Does it happen when it's trying to open the consent dialog? The funny part is that CodeFights is still in beta and was being testing with a few dozen people but someone put it on HN and it went crazy after that :)
@tigransloyan Very cool! Let me know on here or twitter when they're in. I like the idea of using this in the mix with other tools to stay fresh now that I'm coding less. The auth error happens right after I click to consent to permissions (on both FB and Twitter).
Just discovered this on a Facebook ad. Very cool idea overall.