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Weiting from Codementor here. Thanks @benhoffman_ for adding us to this curated guide! I'd like to point out there are two ways you can get help on Codementor: on-demand live 1:1 support and long-term mentorship. You can work with an expert mentor regularly (like a personal trainer) for a monthly retainer. Codementor is also not just for beginners; plenty of developers at startups and bigger enterprises have been using Codementor to be more productive. Happy to answer more questions!
Awesome concept. Go here if you get stuck on a problem. Basically you post your problem, connect with a mentor, then work through the problem. I can see how this could be useful for people who like to code late or code from home.
I'm a Codementor user. It helps when I've built on a slightly specific technology stack, where a lot of my friends/acquaintances can't really help. (And there are some kick-ass mentors on the site!)