Code Blue

A carefully concocted dark theme for VS Code.

#2 Product of the DayAugust 05, 2018

A carefully concocted dark theme made of subtle blues and bright hues that’s easy on the eyes for focused coding. More detailes here.

Installation—search for ”Code Blue” from your VSCode Extensions. Reload and select from theme list.

Try it out, I’d love to hear some feedback! Let me know if there are any bugs or if something can be made better.

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Aweome work! What font family is used in demo images here? It’s a great match to the theme. Great job!
@chpecson Thanks, Christian! The font is another one of my babies (I’m extremely picky about my IDE :P). It’s an unreleased version, though. I’d be happy to ping you once I publish that. :)
@chpecson @soooojan *wave* I'm interested in the font too! Nice work on the theme :)
@chpecson @herrowna Done! Should be about a couple of weeks, possibly sooner!
@herrowna @soooojan Amazing! I look forward to this.
Liking the red cursor-blink, gonna give this a shot today!
Interesting name. I can't stop thinking of the medical definition of code blue: an emergency situation at a hospital. Subtle blues vs emergency situation. Love the idea behind the theme with subtle blues and bright hues.
@envisionwithj Psst! There’s a Code Black in the works!
Looks great, would love one for Visual Studio as well.
@askar Hm, I’ve never used VS, but maybe I’ll try porting it. :)
Found it too good ! How do I install this ? Kinda newbie with the themes.
@dssagar93 Easiest way is to search for “Code Blue” in your VSCode Extensions panel, hit Install, and then select it in your Color Theme settings (Cmd+Shift+P, then type “theme”...and select from list.)
@dssagar93 Let me know if that worked.
@soooojan Yes, It worked. Thanks ! Good work !